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Wrongful Death

Chattanooga Wrongful Death Attorney

Tennessee attorney seeks compensation for bereaved family members

Everything changes when a family member dies. If the loss results from someone else’s carelessness or intentional act, the pain can be even worse. At my Chattanooga law firm, the Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser, I help bereaved loved ones pursue a measure of justice from the people and businesses responsible for an untimely fatality. Tennessee law gives certain family members the ability to obtain compensation when a death results from “injuries received from another” or by “the wrongful act, omission, or killing by another.” However, securing proper relief in a wrongful death action requires a knowledgeable lawyer who can build the strongest possible arguments for liability and damages. Since 1978, I have delivered effective representation to surviving spouses, children, parents and estate representatives so that they can collect the damages they are entitled to and hold liable parties accountable.

Strong advocate pursues damages for final expenses and unearned wages

The period after a loved one’s wrongful death is often emotional and confusing. With four decades of experience litigating all types of personal injury actions, I will provide knowledgeable counsel and help you collect a judgment or settlement that accounts for:

  • Final expenses — My firm works to obtain reimbursement for funeral expenses and medical bills that were incurred before the victim passed away.
  • The decedent’s wages and benefits — Thanks to revisions in the law, families can collect the income and other benefits that the decedent would have earned throughout their expected lifetime.
  • Compensation for mental anguish — If the fatal instance of negligence or willful misconduct caused mental anguish to the victim, appropriate damages can be awarded.
  • Loss of companionship — Nothing can replace a close family member who’ll never return to your home, but payment is available to compensate emotional pain and loss of companionship associated with the death.

We can build a solid case for compensation

As with other types of personal injury suits such as vehicle accidents, a wrongful death law suite requires a strong case be presented that proves the party who is a fault caused the incident through negligence or recklessness. Our job is to gather enough evidence by completing a thorough investigation and working with the liable party’s insurance company.

Tennessee Statute of Limitations for wrongful death claims

Whether you lost a loved one in a car accident, a criminal act, due to a defective product, in a fall or because of some other type of incident, you have one year to file a wrongful death lawsuit. I know how many issues there are to deal with after an untimely passing but will help you enforce your rights under the law.

In Tennessee, there is a statute of limitations for wrongful death claims that requires any cases be addressed with the court within one year of death. The court will not hear cases after this date with only a few exceptions. So, although this is a stressful and trying time, moving quickly to file a wrongful death claim is in your best interest

Contact a proven Chattanooga wrongful death lawyer for assistance

The Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser assists surviving family members and estate representatives with all types of wrongful death claims. Please call (423) 535-9387 or contact me online to make an appointment for a meeting at my Chattanooga office.

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    I could not have been blessed with a better lawyer. I truly feel Bob is a blessing from God. He is very professional, responds to an email pretty immediately. His intelligence and knowledge is impressive. Would definitely recommend him!

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    Working with Bob was very easy as he was very responsive in our communications with him by email as well as office visits. He was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand all the different aspects of divorce and child support issues. Bob help...

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    Great attorney.

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