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Slip and Fall Injuries

Chattanooga Slip and Fall Lawyer

Accomplished Tennessee attorney takes on premises liability actions

One fall in a parking lot, supermarket or anywhere else can cause broken bones, concussions and other significant injuries. Whether you’re in a retail establishment, an office or a home, the property owner has a responsibility to protect you from hazardous conditions that trigger falls. When a business or individual fails to honor their legal obligation, Chattanooga slip and fall lawyer Robert W. Sauser helps victims obtain a fair financial recovery. I’ve litigated Tennessee personal injury matters for 40 years and have a deep understanding of the elements of a slip and fall claim. My firm will undertake a thorough review of the circumstances in your case to determine if someone’s negligence was the proximate cause of your harmful fall. If so, I’ll help you pursue the damages you deserve, which can include reimbursement for medical expenses and income you lost while out of work due to your condition.

Hamilton County firm works to hold careless property owners accountable

As a personal injury attorney with four decades of experience, I know how to secure favorable results in premises liability trials and settlements arising from negligence such as:

  • Unsafe walking surfaces — A cracked driveway, loose floorboard or restaurant spill creates a dangerous hazard if not rectified immediately. My firm can help determine if proper care was taken to avoid a slip and fall.
  • Loose handrails — Without a sturdy handrail, stairs and escalators can present a serious risk to walkers and even people who are just standing.
  • Poor lighting — Dark hallways and parking lots make it hard to see a cracked sidewalk or damaged floor, making a trip injury much more likely.
  • Inadequate crowd control — Concerts, sporting events, schools and any place where a large group is gathered can lead to pushing and shoving. If you were hurt because a crowd wasn’t controlled properly, my firm will seek relief from the appropriate parties.

Cattanooga Slip and Fall Accident AttorneyI know how to counter the tactics used by insurance companies and defense lawyers. Whether the fall occurred on a playground, in a shopping mall or somewhere else, they’ll likely try to blame you for your injury. It’s important to remember that a victim can still obtain damages even if they are held to be partly responsible for the incident, as long as the fault assigned to them is not greater than 50 percent.

Contact a tenacious Tennessee lawyer to discuss your potential slip and fall claim.

The Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser advocates for Southeast Tennessee clients who have been hurt in slip and fall accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Please call (423) 535-9387 or contact me online to discuss your situation. My office is in Chattanooga.

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    I could not have been blessed with a better lawyer. I truly feel Bob is a blessing from God. He is very professional, responds to an email pretty immediately. His intelligence and knowledge is impressive. Would definitely recommend him!

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    Working with Bob was very easy as he was very responsive in our communications with him by email as well as office visits. He was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand all the different aspects of divorce and child support issues. Bob help...

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    Great attorney.

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    gerri mayo

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