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Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyer Seeks Justice for Victims

Tennessee attorney takes strong action against negligent defendants

When you’ve been hurt in a vehicle crash or on someone else’s property, negligent defendants and their insurance companies will not look out for your best interests. Even answering seemingly innocent questions can work against you. The stress and financial pressure associated with serious injuries often lead people to give up their rights in favor of a quick settlement, but this shouldn’t be done without counsel from a qualified Tennessee personal injury lawyer. My Chattanooga firm, the Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser, has served as a strong advocate for injury victims for decades. I’ll confront the parties who are responsible for your injuries and use my trial advocacy and settlement negotiation skills to achieve an outcome that reimburses you fully for lost wages, medical costs and other types of harm that you’ve suffered.

Accomplished firm handles cases arising from vehicle crashes

My background working for both plaintiffs and insurance companies gives me a unique ability to succeed in cases arising from auto accidents and other instances of negligent harm. Determining fault is crucial under Tennessee’s auto insurance system, and my firm can reconstruct what occurred to support your claim even when witness accounts differ. I can handle any aspect of litigation for injuries resulting from all types of vehicle crashes, including:

  • Truck accidents — I have a detailed understanding of the regulations that govern trucks and their operators and press all liable parties for proper remedies at trial and during settlement discussions.
  • Motorcycle crashes — Drivers of cars and trucks often fail to honor the rights of motorcycle riders. I pursue full compensation when a careless motorist injures a biker.

Even in matters pertaining to complex medical conditions, such as brain and spinal injuries, I have the resources and real-world experience to synthesize expert testimony and make a compelling case in court.

Knowledgeable lawyer represents plaintiffs hurt in slip and fall cases

When you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall, my firm can take immediate action to investigate if a potential premises liability action exists. If a hazard such as a damaged sidewalk or slippery floor contributed to your injury, my firm will prepare the strongest possible case for damages against careless property owners. These cases can occur anywhere: stores, parking lots, restaurants and even private homes. Don’t suffer through the effects of a harmful fall without the compensation you’re entitled to.

Dedicated legal counselor advises families on wrongful death claims

Fatal instances of negligence or willful misconduct can never be fully remedied. However, Tennessee law now allows wrongful death claims to include damages for funeral expenses, income the victim would have accumulated and the mental anguish of close family members. Whether your tragedy resulted from a car crash, a defective product or another type of incident, I’ll assert your rights vigorously.

Contact an aggressive Tennessee personal injury lawyer for a consultation.

The Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser represents Tennessee personal injury victims in matters relating to auto accidents, defective products and other types of negligent harm. Call me at 423-682-6798 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Chattanooga office.

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