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Property Division

Property Division Lawyer Helps With Equitable Distribution

The division of marital property and the establishment of spousal support can be critical to the ability of either spouse to successfully establish a new household. This is why it is extremely important that those two components of your divorce are handled by an attorney with the skill and experience necessary to secure for you the best property division and support award available to you under current Tennessee law.

I am Chattanooga property division lawyer Robert Sauser of The Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser. I understand how important the financial aspects of divorce are, and I commit myself and the resources of my firm to helping my clients secure the best possible financial outcome permitted under current Tennessee law, to enable them to successfully transition from the marital household and marital finances to an independent situation.

Property Division

A divorce cannot be granted until all of the assets and debts of the parties have been divided, and our courts work very hard to make sure that the division of each is fair to both sides. What is “fair” can be a very contentious issue, especially if there are substantial assets and/or substantial debts. These issues may be resolved by agreement of the parties, by mediation, or at trial. An experienced and skilled family law attorney can assist you in these extremely important negotiations, regardless of the stage at which they occur. Our skill in negotiation can help ensure that your goals are pursued in an effective manner.

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The financial aspects of divorce are complicated and require skilled legal guidance to ensure a proper recognition of your contribution to the marriage. My firm offers experienced guidance and skilled representation that can help you through your divorce and leave you with a solid foundation on which to build your post-divorce life. To schedule an initial consultation, call 423-682-6798 or contact us online.

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