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Child Custody

Proven Chattanooga Lawyer Pursues Fair Child Custody Arrangements

Accomplished Tennessee lawyer advises on legal authority and residence

In a divorce, conflicts over child custody, parenting time and child support can become extremely contentious and harmful to everyone involved. Naturally, parents have strong feelings about the raising of their sons and daughters, and even issues that seem minor might lead to significant stress and expense. My firm, the Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser, in Chattanooga, advises parents in all types of matters pertaining to legal authority, residence and visitation. Using the skills and knowledge developed over 40 years of legal practice, I represent mothers and fathers who are looking to guide their children safely through a difficult situation.

Knowledgeable adviser assists families in negotiations, mediation and court

In divorce proceedings or breakups that involve unmarried parents, my firm works to bridge any gaps that might exist concerning legal and physical custody. If an agreement isn’t reached, the parties enter mediation. Should that process fail, a decision is made by the court concerning:

  • Full and shared custody — In most situations, parents will share in the “care, custody and control” of the minor children they share. Key decisions are made jointly, and one party usually serves as the primary residential parent. However, a parenting plan is created so that the alternate residential parent can maintain strong ties with the child.
  • Abuse — If one parent has committed domestic abuse or endangered the child in any way, sole custody might be awarded. Any suspicions should be dealt with upfront to prevent possible harm in the future.
  • Child support — Using a formula that takes into account each parent’s income along with health insurance and child care costs, Tennessee sets child support rates so that each parent contributes to the child’s financial needs. I assist clients in the creation, modification and enforcement of child support orders.

In these and other family law matters, my firm delivers comprehensive counsel to give your child the best chance to thrive going forward. Many factors go into custody determinations, such as parenting fitness, cooperation with the co-parent and the child’s wishes if the child is 12 years of age or older. I’ll develop a thorough evaluation of these factors to maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Dedicated firm handles visitation, relocation and modification issues

Tennessee law grants specific rights to parents who lack primary residential custody. If a parent wishes to move out of state or more than 100 miles away, the custody agreement must be revised either through consensus or by petitioning the court. My firm represents parties in relocation matters and actions relating to other proposed modifications to parenting plans.

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The Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser represents Tennessee clients in child custody matters and other types of family law cases. Call me at 423-682-6798 or contact me online to make an appointment for a meeting at my Chattanooga office.

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