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What exactly is a contested divorce?

It was love at first sight. When the two of you locked eyes, you knew. The courtship was sweet and romantic and when the two of you said, "I do" you both genuinely believed it was for a lifetime. You settled into married life and had a couple of kids, but things changed--almost imperceptibly at first. Suddenly your spouse started withdrawing.

Checklist: Things that need to be done post-divorce

Your divorce is final. The divorce decree has been approved and a judgment rendered. You feel a sense of relief knowing this obstacle is behind you and are ready for the next chapter of your life. But before you can officially turn the page on your divorce, there's a few things that need to be taken care of.

I want to keep the marital home. Can I do that in divorce?

In most divorce cases, it's not difficult to see why property division is so contentious. Partners who have been married for many years may have accumulated considerable assets, many times including a valuable marital home. Most people are not inclined to simply walk away from their fair share of these assets. This raises a number of questions about dividing and keeping marital property.

How long should I wait after divorce to remarry?

Most people see divorce as a way to start over fresh. In some cases, this even means starting over with someone else. But remarriage too quickly after requesting a divorce can actually create more problems, especially if you do not wait the pre-requisite number of days after filing your divorce petition.

How is property divided in a divorce?

We've all seen a television show where two characters have gone through a divorce. When it comes time to divide the character's property, the writers often depict an even 50/50 split of belongings, assets and debts, which leads a lot of people to believe that this is always the case in divorce, regardless of what state you live in.