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Checklist: Things That Need To Be Done Post-Divorce

Checklist: Things that need to be done post-divorce

Your divorce is final. The divorce decree has been approved and a judgment rendered. You feel a sense of relief knowing this obstacle is behind you and are ready for the next chapter of your life. But before you can officially turn the page on your divorce, there’s a few things that need to be taken care of.

Follow the post-divorce checklist below to make sure the terms of your divorce decree are carried through and your new single status is reflected in all financial legal aspects of your life.

Post-divorce checklist

___ Divide all property according to the divorce decree.

___ Complete a quitclaim deed to transfer interest in real property to your ex-spouse and/or have them do the same for you, as ordered in the divorce decree.

___ Remove your name from any lease or mortgage it should no longer be listed on; have your ex-spouse do the same.

___ Transfer vehicle titles to the rightful owner as stated in the divorce decree.

___ Update your auto insurance policy by getting in touch with your adjuster (make sure they have updated contact information as well).

___ If you choose to change your name, notify all creditors and give them updated contact information.

___ Inform the Social Security Administration of your name change, order a new social security card.

___ Apply for a new driver’s license with updated name and contact information.

___ Close any joint accounts. Open new accounts in your name only with updated contact information.

___ Update or write a new will.

___ Update your life insurance policy and change the beneficiary.

___ Update your health insurance plan.

___ Update retirement accounts. See to it that the Qualified Domestic Relations Order has been ordered and implemented.

Feeling overwhelmed?

There are a lot of steps that need to be taken before, during and after a divorce. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and even though it seems like this process is never-ending, it won’t be this way forever.  If you need some legal help on your side, contact Chattanooga divorce lawyer Robert Sauser to discuss your circumstance.

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