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How Long Should I Wait After Divorce To Remarry?

How long should I wait after divorce to remarry?

Most people see divorce as a way to start over fresh. In some cases, this even means starting over with someone else. But remarriage too quickly after requesting a divorce can actually create more problems, especially if you do not wait the pre-requisite number of days after filing your divorce petition.

So how long does one have to wait after requesting a divorce? This depends on the state in which you live. Let’s take a look.

Divorce in Tennessee

The Tennessee Supreme Court encourages individuals in our state to wait at least 60 days after filing a request for divorce before making any decisions about remarriage. This not only gives plenty of time for the other spouse to respond to the request, it also allows for the possibility of an appeal depending on a person’s situation.

It’s important to point out, however, that this waiting period may be longer if the couple has children together. Child custody agreements can take time to finalize, which can increase the amount of time one needs to wait to remarry.

Most importantly, though, individuals in Tennessee cannot remarry until their previous marriage has been dissolved through a final divorce decree. As such, 60 days may not be the minimum time one has to wait in our state. Depending on when a judge is available for a final divorce hearing, individuals could find themselves waiting weeks or months beyond the 60-day period.

How will I know how long I will have to wait?

Only an attorney with experience handling divorce and its many related issues will be able to estimate how long you will have to wait to remarry after making an initial petition for divorce.

As you can probably imagine, there are many more factors other than just child custody that can lengthen the time until a final divorce decree is granted. Talking to a seasoned lawyer can help you visualize this timeline better so that you can make more precise plans about your future with someone new.

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