Obtaining Compensation In The Event Of Wrongful Death

A wrongful death in Tennessee is defined as a death resulting from "injuries received from another" or by "the wrongful act, omission, or killing by another." According to state law, family members of the deceased can seek compensation from the responsible parties. Yet proving wrongful death can be extremely difficult. It is important to engage a knowledgeable, effective lawyer to facilitate the case.

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What Types Of Damages Can Survivors Claim?

Surviving family members are able to recover damages for the emotional and financial burdens they have endured as a result of their relation's sudden death. Such considerations include:

  • Lost wages, including those the deceased would have earned throughout the duration of his or her natural lifetime
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Mental anguish suffered by the deceased
  • Mental anguish suffered by the deceased's survivors

While judgments can be substantial, cases must be filed quickly. Tennessee's statute of limitations necessitates that wrongful death suits be filed within a calendar year of the deceased individual's passing. Unfortunately, families frequently miss the deadline and forfeit their rights to compensation. Here, too, a skilled attorney can help ensure that all procedural regulations are satisfied.

Security For The Future

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