Protection For Your Children

Child-related issues such as child custody, parenting time and child support have the potential to be the most contentious elements of a divorce. Almost all parents have strong feelings about issues related to their children, and divorce proceedings typically magnify differences and reduce the ability of the parties to reach agreement.

An experienced attorney can help you achieve your goals related to child support and child custody, and can help to minimize the stress. . Further, having an experienced and skilled attorney can help to minimize the stress, time and costs associated with divorce.

I am Chattanooga child custody attorney Robert Sauser of The Law Offices of Robert W. Sauser. With more than three decades of legal experience, I can help you work to achieve your goals regarding your children as part of your divorce.

Any parent would want to be able to approach their divorce with the confidence that their lawyer is capable of and committed to achieving their goals in relation to their children. Our skill and experience can give you that confidence.

Child Support

Tennessee utilizes a statutory set of guidelines and a state-mandated calculator to determine child support obligations. It is important to make sure that all relevant information be considered and included in the calculation, including:

  • Proper income amounts
  • Proper deductions for medical and dental insurance
  • Proper deductions for work-related childcare
  • Any extenuating circumstances that might be grounds for a deviation from the mandated guidelines, such as private school expenses, or extraordinary medical bills

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Parents are encouraged to work out agreements for child custody and visitation outside of the court. However, if the parents cannot agree, mediation will be required. Any issue upon which agreement cannot be reached at mediation will have to be determined at trial.

My firm represents both divorcing and unmarried couples with respect to child custody and parenting time issues.

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