Helping You Stand Firm Amidst Uncertainty

Life does not always go according to plan. Indeed, it rarely does. Illness or injury can strike unexpectedly. Marriages end. Loved ones pass too soon. There is no limit to the unforeseen challenges one may face.

An experienced attorney can serve as a valuable guide in such situations. When trying to work through a difficulty or plan for an uncertain future, a lawyer can help you avoid common legal pitfalls and make sure your interests are protected.

A History Of Helping Families

I have assisted individuals in and around Chattanooga with their most pressing legal matters for more than three decades. I work personally with my clients and help make sure their needs and goals are met.

In family concerns, I help my clients navigate divorce proceedings, custody hearings and all related considerations. I strive for the best possible resolution, and emphasize the advantages of arbitration and mediation. I have extensive experience in the courtroom, and am always prepared to represent my clients at trial.

Protection When You Have Been Injured

Likewise, I offer knowledgeable counsel when individuals or their family members suffer serious injuries. I understand that recovery can be costly. There are medical bills to pay, and many will lose income due to an inability to work. I work hard to hold the responsible parties to account, and to obtain for my clients the compensation they deserve.

Legal Guidance In Personal Affairs

To learn more about my firm's services, call 423-933-3129 to schedule a consultation. You can also arrange an appointment online.